Facing Futures - Foundation For Pediatric Facial Disorders

Save The Date: - Ride for Smiles - April 9th 2016


Ride Route
Leave Adamec head south on I 95
I 95 south to I 295 South Flyover
I 295 to Merrill Road which turns into Ft. Caroline Rd, then McCormick Rd., then Mt. Pleasant Rd., then to Wonderwood Dr. over the Wonderwood Bridge
Turn right onto Hwy A1A
Turn left onto Mayport Rd
Turn left onto Wonderwood Dr. which turns into Mt. Pleasant Rd.
Turn right  onto Mt. Pleasant Rd. which turns into Ft. Caroline Rd.
Merge right onto McCormick Rd. which turns into Ft. Caroline Rd. and then Merrill Rd.
Turn right onto I 295 north up and over the Dames Point Bridge
Exit at Heckshear Drive and turn around and get back on I 295 south
I 295 south to J. Turner Butler Bv.
Get onto J. Turner Butler Bv. West to I 95 south
Get on I 95 south to Baymeadows Rd
Back into Adamec.

Our Mission
Facing Futures provides free medical care to children suffering from facial abnormalitites caused by a birth defect or a trauma related injury. These children need surgery and/or other treatment to help them function better in society. This can mean the difference between life and death.
If you are intersted in helping out by rasing money please contact us or you can donate by clicking here.

General Spending
No doctors, medical staff, or foundation volunteers are financially or otherwise compensated
Less than 5% of donations are spent on fundraising event sponsorship (e.g, Adamec Harley-Davidson's "Ride for Smiles")  that means that 95% of donations directly benefit patient's surgery expenses.

Domestically-treated Patients
Primary costs include airfare and lodging for patients and their families.  All time and materials for surgeries are donated for patients treated in the U.S.

Internationally-treated Patients
Primary costs include airfare and basic travel expenses for medical staff, as well as transport of medical supplies for procedures; most of this is covered out-of-pocket by the staff. 
All time and materials for surgeries are also donated for patients treated internationally

Help a child in need by donating today.